Our Hi-Tech Audio-Visual Solutions

Audio Visual Services

Group Horizon Eng. offers integrated broadcast service solutions not only for technical design and installation, but consulting, supply of equipment and support, to provide a complete production experience. We provide customized turn-key Radio and television solutions for clients to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, performance and innovation through our trusted solutions.

What we do

Our latest IPTV or IP television refers to the broadcasting of TV programs carried out over the Internet Protocol (IP), is a technology that has several advantages as it allows the integration of multiple services and even value-added services.

– 1 single cable for internet, television and telephony (triple play)
– SD & HD television ensuring improved picture quality
– works on both TV and PC
– interactivity plays a central role: sending live messages, Video On Demand (VOD), Music On Demand (MOD), info pages, … –
– easy integration of camera system within the same network
– range of transmitters fully customizable by customer or group of customers
– remote access for monitoring and maintenance of the system
– live break, rewind, …
– a guide provides a clear overview of the programs on all available channels